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In 2015, City Council approved Edmonton’s Road Safety Strategy 2016-2020, making Edmonton the first major Canadian City to officially adopt Vision Zero. 

Brampton council is following in footsteps of Edmonton, Peel Region and Toronto adopting the “Vision Zero” framework. Vision Zero aims at reducing loss of life on roads in Canada’s and across the globe.

Brampton council voted in favour of adopting the Region of Peel’s “Vision Zero” framework, based on a model implemented in Sweden in 1997, after receiving a report from traffic and parking operations manager Kevin Minaker at its June 12 council meeting. The region adopted the framework for its roads in 2017 with the goal of reducing road deaths by 10 per cent by 2022.–no-loss-of-life-is-acceptable-brampton-adopts-vision-zero-road-safety-framework/?s=e

Vision Zero Edmonton
In 2006, there were 8,246 people injured and killed in collisions on Edmonton streets. The City responded by creating the first municipal Office of Traffic Safety in North America that year. In spite of the population growth since then, in 2017 there were 3,416 people injured or killed, a decrease of 58.6%.

The City of Edmonton has been working hard to reduce fatalities and serious injuries on our roads. But the numbers are still far too high.