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Vision Zero is making a difference in New York

August 7, 2018

Like New York City the City of Edmonton is committed to Vision Zero. Join us for ICADTS in August 2019 where Vision Zero successes will be shared. In the meantime, check out this CBC news report on the success of Vision Zero in New York.  

Working Toward Vision Zero

July 18, 2018

10th International Conference on Urban Traffic Safety The road to Vision Zero recently travelled through Edmonton, Alberta at the 10th International Conference on Urban Traffic Safety. For four days delegates listened, learned and interacted with traffic safety experts, researchers and practitioners from across the world. Delegates heard from many great presenters on the programs and […]

5 Reasons why you should Save the Date

March 7, 2018

International experts and leading researchers ICADTS brings together leading experts to discuss and debate hot topics faced by communities around the globe and share best practices. Since the first ICADTS meeting in 1950 in Stockholm, Sweden, this world class conference attracts people who are passionate about eliminating fatalities and injuries influenced by drugs and alcohol. […]

Life altering cocktails

November 23, 2017

As Canada rushes forward with the legalization of recreational cannabis we need to be reminded of what mixing chemicals and driving can do to a life. A night of fun and good cheer very quickly turns into a life interrupted, redirected or ended. While there is support for the legalization of cannabis from some in […]

Why 30?

September 6, 2017

The City of Edmonton has made a commitment to its citizens through the adoption of Vision Zero to implement traffic safety strategies which will eliminate vehicle collisions that result in death and injury. One of these strategies was the adoption and implementation in 2014 of a 30km/h speed limit in Elementary .Since we went to 30km/h […]

What’s in the numbers?

June 7, 2017

If you were told 2016 was the first year where, on average, your city did not have someone hospitalized every day of the year as a result of a motor-vehicle collision would you be surprised? Would you celebrate? Or would you dig a bit deeper to see what else was in the numbers? Digging a […]


October 18, 2016

How many traffic injuries or fatalities are acceptable? That is the question asked of a group of Edmontonians. If you were asked how many traffic injuries and fatalities were acceptable in your community, what would you say? What would you consider when making your decision? Most people think about the current situation in their community and want […]