Thank you to everyone who participated in T2019. You made this a great conference for all!!

Dr. Juliana Scherer is an investigator at the Center for Drug and Alcohol Research (CDAR) in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and the current coordinator of the Nucleus for Research and Studies on Traffic and Alcohol of the CDAR. She is also a professor at Universidade do Vale dos Sinos and a guest supervisor for the Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences Graduate Program at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). Her main research interests include: the epidemiological investigation of impaired driving; the assessment of risky populations and risk factors for driving under the influence of psychoactive substances (DUI), and the evaluation of technologies and protocols to be used in DUI enforcement – with special focus in low and middle-income countries. Dr. Scherer was part of the organizational and scientific committee of T2016, that occurred in Gramado, Brazil, and, since then, she has been a member of ICADTS. As an ICADTS member, she is participating in the newly formed ICADTS Educational Committee. She is also a member of the Brazilian Association of Traffic and Medicine, and a founder member of the Interdisciplinary Nucleous of Traffic Studies at UFRGS.