Thank you to everyone who participated in T2019. You made this a great conference for all!!

Robert Palser is Senior Policy Counsel with the Alberta Crown Prosecution Service, Traffic Safety Coordinator of Alberta and Director of the Driving Offences Initiative. He is a Qualified Technician, trained in Standard Field Sobriety Testing, Approved Drug Screening Equipment, Drug Recognition Evaluations, Collision Analysis and has been pepper sprayed and tasered and didn’t cry, much. He began his legal career at Fraser Milner Casgrain but quickly came to his senses and has been a Crown Prosecutor for the last 16 years. He is a nationally recognized expert in motor vehicle law and sought after presenter who has taught officials, police and stakeholders across Canada. Robert continues to appear at all levels of court on matters of importance, leads the ACPS C-46 Task Force and most recently argued R. v. Gubbins before the SCC. His Policy work includes diverse areas such as body worn video, disclosure, safety searches, street checks and he provides advice to both the Provincial and Federal governments. Robert represents Alberta on numerous Federal, Provincial and Territorial working groups and was privileged to belong to the subcommittee that helped draft Bill C-46 and provided advice on C-45. As Traffic Safety Coordinator he leads cross ministry efforts to reduce the carnage caused by driving offences and has been actively involved at both the Provincial and Federal level with the project to legalize Cannabis.