Thank you to everyone who participated in T2019. You made this a great conference for all!!

As Canada rushes forward with the legalization of recreational cannabis we need to be reminded of what mixing chemicals and driving can do to a life. A night of fun and good cheer very quickly turns into a life interrupted, redirected or ended.

While there is support for the legalization of cannabis from some in our community, there are also a lot of questions and concerns being raised by others. Many still have not gotten the message that alcohol and driving don’t mix so what happens when we add legal chemicals to the mix?

Meet Reagan Lissack. He lives everyday with the results of life altering choices.

The City of Edmonton was the first major city in Canada to adopt Vision Zero, a global initiative to eliminate fatalities and major injuries from motor vehicle collisions.  For more information on what we are doing check out the Edmonton Road Safety Strategy 2016-2020.