Thank you to everyone who participated in T2019. You made this a great conference for all!!

T2019 Presentations

Amie Hayley:_Postoperative driving performance under two analgesic protocols

Amie Hayley:_Risky driving behaviours among stimulant drug users & aggression

Amy Peaire: Oral Fluid Drug Screening Equipment for Canada

Anna Vadeby & Åsa Forsman:_Changes in drink driving behaviour, Attitudes & Norms During Reduced Enforcement in Sweden

Armin Kaltenegger:_Innovating the legal system for drug detection

Åsa Forsman & Anna Vadeby:_Intensified drink driving enforcement in a Swedish region

Asbjorg Christophersen:_Road traffic injuries in Malawi – the role of alcohol

Barry Watson:_ The long-term trend in alcohol-related crashes and associated policy Queensland, Australia

Carl Wicklund:_Alcohol impaired driving in the USA 2018 Road Safety Survey

Frederick Vinckenbosch:_Exploratory Approach to Observing the Impairment Effects of chronic Benzodiazepine use on driving

Gerald Furian:_ESRA Country Comparison of Drink Driving Typologies

James Fell:_Comprehensive evaluation of driving under the influence in a large US community

Jane Seeley:_ Impaired driving and co-occurring problem behaviours among adolescents (OSDUHS)

Jeff Brubacher:_Cannabis & Motor Vehicle Crashes, What is the Evidence

Jeff Brubacher:_Prevalence and pattern of drug use in injured drivers-Canadian provinces

Kathryn Stewart:_Impaired driving, the road thus far

Kathryn Stewart:_Tools for implementing environmental approaches to impaired driving

Kazuko Okamura:_Involvement of alcohol & drugs in fatal traffic crashes Japan

Luana Gross:_Risk behaviours of Brazillian drivers according to sociodemographic characteristics

Natalie Gastin:_Assisting clinical assessment of fitness-to-drive following drug or alcohol misuse

Nils van Lamoen:_The New Zealand experience

Robert Toynton:_Roadside drug testing New South Wales

Robyn Robertson:_Evaluation of a tool for Physicians to Communicate with Patients about Prescribed Pain Medication & Driving

Shuang Fu:_Kava Influence On Driving Skills

Troy Walden:_Appraising the effectiveness of the SFST scoring criteria for discerning BAC limits

Yvonne Sturmer:_ESRA Thematic Report on Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and Drugs

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